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You have a range of controls to manage your privacy across Google’s services. To find answers to many common questions about privacy and your data in Google’s products and services, select an option below or visit our Privacy Policy.

Get help with a Google product

Visit our help center and support forums.

Google Account recovery & suspected compromised accounts

Recover or get back in to your Google Account

If you're having problems with a personal account:

  1. Learn how to recover your Google Account or Gmail.
  2. Follow these steps to recover your account.
  3. If you still can't recover your account, find the Product Forum for the product you're using and create a post with your question.

If you're using a Google product with a work or school account, find help for Google Workspace.

Suspect that your account has been compromised
Suspicious activity in your account
If you find suspicious activity on your account, follow the steps to secure your account. Use Security Checkup to check your account security settings.

If you think a crime has been committed

If you think a crime has been committed, you may wish to contact law enforcement.

If you're getting someone else's email

Find out why you're getting someone else's email

Report content or information you would like removed from a Google product or service

Report content or information
Requesting content removals from Google products for legal reasons

Learn how to remove potentially illegal or unauthorized content on Google.

Google provides specific streamlined processes to remove content that can contain users' personal information from Google services. 

This page will help you get to the right place to report content that you would like removed from Google's services under applicable laws.

If your request relates to Youtube, learn more about YouTube’s Privacy Guidelines.

Your account controls

Download your data from Google products & services

Learn about downloading your data, or visit the Takeout Tool to download your data from Google products and services.

You can also use our tools to access and review your data or delete your data.

Review your basic account info & data

When you’re signed in to a Google Account, you can always review and update info by visiting the Google services you use. For example, Photos and Drive are both designed to help you manage specific types of content you’ve saved with Google.

We also built a place for you to review and control info saved in your Google Account. These tools include:

When you’re signed out, you can manage info associated with your browser or device, including:

  • Signed-out search personalization: Choose whether your search activity is used to offer you more relevant results and recommendations.
  • YouTube settings: Pause and delete your YouTube Search History and your YouTube Watch History.
  • Ad Settings: Manage your preferences about the ads shown to you on Google and on sites and apps that partner with Google to show ads.
Delete your data

Delete your activity

You can delete activity, including your Location History. You can also choose to have this info deleted automatically after a set period of time.

Learn more about how to see, control and delete the info in your Google Account.

Delete your Google Account

You can delete your Google Account at any time. If you change your mind or accidentally delete your account, you might be able to get it back. Learn how to recover your account.

Once your account is deleted, all your data and account content is removed from our systems after a certain amount of time. Our policy describes why we hold on to different types of data for different periods of time. Once you delete your Google Account, you’ll no longer be able to use the following:

  • Services that require you to sign in, like Gmail, Drive, and Calendar; 
  • Data associated with your account, including emails, photos, and records of transactions;
  • Subscriptions on YouTube;
  • Content you purchased on Google Play, like movies, games, or music;
  • Info you've saved in Chrome;
  • Your Gmail username. Once it’s deleted, you can't use it again later, and you can't create a new Google Account with the same username.

In addition to these tools, we also offer specific deletion controls in our products, like Photos. 

Your privacy & security controls

Review your privacy settings

You have controls to manage your privacy across our services. You can use Privacy Checkup to review and adjust important privacy settings like those below. In addition to these tools, we also offer specific privacy settings in our products.

  • Activity Controls
    • Decide what types of activity you’d like saved in your account. For example, you can turn on Location History if you want traffic predictions for your daily commute, or you can save your YouTube Watch History to get better video suggestions.
  • Ad Settings
    • Manage your preferences about the ads shown to you on Google and on sites and apps that partner with Google to show ads. You can modify your interests, choose whether your personal info is used to make ads more relevant to you, and turn on or off certain advertising services.
  • About You
    • Control what others see about you across Google services.
Review how you share data with third-party apps and sites

To help you safely share your data, Google lets you give third-party sites and apps access to different parts of your account.

Review how you share data with third-party apps and sites.

Review your security settings
Data & info Google collects

What info we collect & how we use it

We're committed to being clear about what info we collect and how we use it. You can find details of our commitments in our Privacy Policy. You'll also get explanations of the types of info we collect, how it's collected, why we collect it, how it's used, and when it's shared. You can also visit our Safety Center to learn about Google’s privacy and security principles.

Where your data is stored

To make sure our services are reliable, we maintain servers around the world. This means your info may be processed on servers outside of the country where you live. Regardless of where your info is processed, Google applies the same level of protection to your data.

Enterprise customer requests & resources 

Data processing through Google Cloud

If you use a consumer version of Gmail, Drive, or other Google product, the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply to you.

Google doesn’t offer a Data Processing Agreement for the consumer versions of Gmail or Drive. Google does not act as a data processor for the consumer version of these services. If you have specific privacy concerns, data protection obligations, or compliance needs, consult with your legal counsel.

If your organization uses Google Workspace, Google Workspace for Education, or Google Cloud Platform services, the Cloud Data Processing Addendum (CDPA) may apply to you. If your agreement does not already incorporate the CDPA (or its predecessor, the Data Processing Amendment or Data Processing and Security Terms, as applicable), you can accept the CDPA in the Admin Console by following the instructions here for Google Workspace and Google Workspace for Education, and here for Google Cloud Platform. However, please note that if your organization purchases Google Cloud Platform from a reseller, the CDPA will not apply to you, because you will enter data processing terms with your reseller instead. Please contact your reseller if you have questions about those terms.

In addition, the Google Cloud Privacy Notice describes how we collect and process personal information (excluding our customer’s data) in relation to those services.

Find data processing terms

Google makes appropriate data processing terms available for certain products where it acts as a data processor, including those listed below. 

You can also find info on how Google helps Google Ads advertisers comply with GDPR. For other features related to Ads, view the Google controller terms.

You can find more info about the products and data processing terms at

Avoid & report scams

People sometimes use the Google brand to scam and defraud people. Learn more how to avoid scams and where to report them.

If you find suspicious activity on your account, learn how to help secure your account. Use Google's Security Checkup to check your account security settings.

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